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released February 29, 2012

ALEX MARKS = guitar, voice, bass, some wurly, pop can,
Supreme Motivator

ANTHONY DeSIMONE = voice, drums, percussion, casios,
some wurly, box of rocks,
Pragmatic Inspirer

TAVAHN GHAZI = bass, guitar, drums, fretless, roland r3,
Clandestine Miracle Technician

All songs written and performed by adventuresOf / Recorded by Gory Smelley @ the Marfa Recording Company / Mastered @ SONIC RANCH /



all rights reserved


adventuresOf Marfa, Texas

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Track Name: watchable things
*so many watchable things.a million sights to be seen.and still i feel like my eyes are closing.another plausible fling.a woman lost in my wing.and still i feel like feelin these things.its an impossible least it possibly seems.and all the wondrous themes.and the dumbest of schemes.uphill.the thrill of breaking and fleeing.and all the cinematic scenes.and all the photographic fiends.we document the disintegration of dreams.and still.i feel like feelin these things.its an impossible dream*
Track Name: home won
*oh my god.are we almost.home.home.oh my god.we’ve made it so far.we’ve made it so far.we’ve made it home*
Track Name: Shoreline
*when facts turn into tasks.ill travel the search of a lapse of fact.if all else goes black.ill plan an attack.and re-enter backwards.into new BACKWORLDS.
o relax.take a pill-o and crash.into the new nap.of a life.time of realities.its freeze.has frozen the trees.the chosen few please.are deceased.and a dunce runs the castle.AT THE SHORELINE. there’s always an end... *
Track Name: dinosource
*all the trees were here before you.and their roots they know the ground.all the dinosaurs they have roamed this earth before.gotta make something out of NOW.make kids.make a fortune.gotta make somethin of my breath.i feel my heart pumpin.gotta make somethin out of it *
Track Name: Ohs
*O.we’ve been waiting for so long . O.we’ve been sitting on this song .O.we been workin’ all along.O.we’ve been at it on and on... O.we’ve been running all this while.O.we been fakin on this smile. O.we’ve been wasting all this time.O.we’ve just had it we’re so tired...if time was a tiled bathroom.i’ve showered in thousands of past tunnels of fast it puddles that dry up as fast as days*
Track Name: sleepless as the mornings
*there was once a pride upon the evenings rest is nice but not a fill no.eyes may body robed and all.sleepless as the mornings never come.wishing on a star that fills the window.moonlight night as naked as a widow.lost her love a long long time ago.sleepless as the mornings never come...when i’m tired and i wanna go to sleep.i tried dreamin.i tried counting sheep.
my eyes are stuck on the cieling fan.spinnin around and around again.i spend my nights just thinkin’ bout the days now*
Track Name: stumble
*when i stumble around my feet.drop all my possessions and foil my fleet.i fumble for you.i fumble around in my pocket for you. when i get to the bottom of it.there’s only lint and what is left of you.when i mumble and barely speak.the words get knees go weak.and i stumble on you.i fumble around in my pocket for you..put you in the washing come out dirty but you go in clean *
Track Name: dirty
*dirty.have you seen me just sittin on this couch.waitin for my visions of nothing.if you pinch me i go OUCH!wallowing in dreams of something.tapering cloth.kills me on the just waiting for the show.but you didn’t show at all.tapering cloth. blowin by my window when the moths.come clean.have you seen me dirty?with stains on my jeans.i just shout ‘em out and try to stay just sittin on my porch.hangin by the light of my torch.sittin by the warmth of my clean *
Track Name: l a t e l y
*lately.i’ve been late.waitin.for the sun to take shape.mornin.early. waitin.lately.waitin.for you to rise.lately.i’ve been lazy.waitin.for the sun to come and take me.mornin.early.lately.waitin.waitin for you to rise *
Track Name: homes Erode
*HOME.where the sky is.under the rain.can’t you see it.home is every place.home.its a far off land of your own.home.its a long long way from alone.never alone.BUT sometimes.if your life is like mine.your in a your head is full of cant unwind.seems you lost the you must make up your mind.and the only thing more unfortunate is that you’re goin blind. cant you feel it.deep in your have no home.home.ain’t nothin but a no one.home.people say its where the heart is. make you do crazy givin someone else a place to stay. but didn’t you know it.home will get in your way.home ain’t nothin but a song.home ain’t nothin but a nowhere.home’s a road.HOMES ERODE..*